SEBA has a LinkedIn Page!

The South End Business Alliance is on a new social media platform Come check us out and let's connect!

Why LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the top business social network and SEBA is always looking for new ways to support our members and increase our reach to Boston audiences. We know how great the South End is to work in and we want to tell the world. Our goals for our LinkedIn page is to advertise the South End has a destination for business, professionals, and talent people of all kinds.

What's on our LinkedIn Page? We'll be posting  on a bi-weekly basis on topics that relate to news and stories in the South End. As our presence grows, our followers will be able to find and connect with each other.

Why Join? Connecting to our page means forging new connections with other business owners and professionals who live, work or simply love the South End. You'll be getting our South End updates directly to your feed so you can easily keep up to date with your favorite neighborhood.

We hope to see you there!

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