Friends of Blackstone School

Friends of Blackstone School, Inc. was formed by current school volunteers and neighbors to support the school by raising funds and engaging the South End community. Impressed by the sense of excitement and achievement within the school, the Friends of Blackstone School believe that urban public schools deserve broad community support. We believe that the surrounding community can benefit as much as the students by neighbors getting involved in a meaningful way close to home.

Friends was incorporated during the summer of 2012 and secured IRS tax-exempt status by the end of the summer. We have no paid staff and have benefited from the tremendous generosity of individuals and local organizations in getting started.

Based on the school’s priorities set by the school’s Site Council, our board adopted the following four development areas:

Provide support and supplies for teacher use in the classrooms

Support parent and family involvement in the school

Support curriculum enrichment and professional development for the teachers and professional staff

Improve the physical appearance of the school

Website: Telephone: 02118 E-Mail: 90 Wareham Street #408