Dahlia Gallery

Just above street level on Harrison Avenue in Boston's South End sits Dahlia Gallery, a unique, vibrant collection of scarves, outerwear, clothing and accessories that someone might miss if they weren't looking for it. Once inside, visitors are enveloped by a soft, multi-colored cocoon of fabrics and yarns...wearable art!

Dahlia Gallery features handmade and hand-dyed silk scarves from textile artists across the United States, as well as multi-colored hand woven vests, tunics and jackets designed and made by Popovits herself in the production studio behind the showroom. The natural fiber fabrics include rayon, bamboo, and cotton/bamboo blends.

Inspired by fashion, color, texture and nature, her clothing is comfortable, stylish and distinctive, with fans who know it when they see it on other women.

Website: https://www.dahliahandmade.com Telephone: 617.527.4456 E-Mail: dahliaweave@earthlink.net 524 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118