Bittersweet Violet

Bittersweet Violet, the brainchild of Lisa Costanzo, seamlessly blends her 35 years of advertising design expertise with a fervent passion for artisan chocolate. Lisa, a member of Foundation Kitchen, strategically utilizes shared kitchen facilities in Charlestown while actively pursuing her dream of securing a charming storefront in Boston's vibrant south end.

Lisa's journey into the world of specialty chocolate began after her Fine Arts studies at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, where she earned a prestigious traveling scholarship in painting. Immersed in local workshops, she discovered the art of crafting handmade chocolates, laying the foundation for Bittersweet Violet.

Originally creating confections for her brother's restaurant, Lisa's talents garnered rave reviews, propelling her to transform her dream into reality. Honing her skills in artisan chocolate-making, she graduated with honors from The Professional Chocolatier Program at Ecole Chocolat and further refined her craft through workshops with Lana Orlova-Bauer, and Melissa Coppel's "Running a Chocolate Production" course.

Currently residing in Boston's SOWA district with her loyal companion, Everett, Lisa not only indulges in the world of chocolate but also dedicates her spare moments to fine art painting, creating a harmonious blend of artistic pursuits.

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