Tenants’ Development Corporation

TDC is a property management and development organization.  Located in Boston’s Historic South End,   TDC was established in 1968 as a tax-exempt public charitable corporation.   Since that time, the organization has been actively involved in housing rehabilitation and management.   

As we grow, our goals are to increase the number of affordable housing available for low to moderate income individuals and families.

Our secondary goal is to expand TDC’s role in the community by increasing the number of programs, events and services offered to the TDC residents, neighbors and the community throughout Greater Boston.

TDC is committed to bringing together the assets of TDC residents, neighbors, community leaders and the organization to promote the well-being of youth, adults, seniors and families that are underserved or at risk by offering services and programs that inspire personal growth, empowerment and enrichment.

We believe that building a strong community that supports residents and neighbors must begin by improving the safety, living conditions, health, education, lifestyle and economic conditions of low to moderate income TDC residents and neighbors in Boston’s historic South End and Greater Boston.

Website: http://tenantsdevelopment.com Telephone: 617-247-3988 E-Mail: abrown@tenantsdevelopment.com 566 Columbus Avenue