McMahon Architects, Inc.

At McMahon Architects our motto is “Profit from Good Design.” We find that this is a succinct expression of our company’s mission - to maximize the investment made by our clients in our architectural services.

As a boutique design firm, we approach each of our projects with an open mind as each of our clients has a unique design criteria and set of requirements. MA has a talented staff of designers with unique backgrounds ranging from hospitality, restaurant, residential and commercial design. Each team member offers a fresh perspective to the challenges and opportunities that every project presents.

The initial design phase includes thoughtful deliberation of multiple design solutions, graphic investigations into each concept and a considered and iterative ‘testing’ of each design concept. This results in rational, practical and often elegant solutions that our clients can be proud of for years to come. From this basis we develop details, suggest materials & finishes and coordinate our efforts with engineers and consultants as needed. Our goal is always to provide our clients with a thoughtful and innovative design that encourages a positive and healthy environment for everyone.

Website: Telephone: 617-482-5353 E-Mail: 535 Albany Street, Boston, MA 02118