French Cleaners

Welcome to the French Cleaners and Laundry Company. We are a family run company spanned over the past two decades. Our goal when we started was to find a way to satisfy even the most discerning of clients. We continue to try and accomplish this by confidently handling the finest quality garments and to provide the client with a higher level of customer service.

All of our work, with the exception of commercially laundered shirts, is done on site at either of our locations. Our pressing is done by hand in plain view for our clients to see. Pressing by hand, while it takes four or five times longer than conventional pressers or forms, gives us a greater level of control over the garment. Hand pressing allows us to regulate the pressure on delicate fabrics, such as decorations, embroidery, silk, and cashmere. This method also reduces or eliminates the shine on darker clothing.

By doing the work on site, it ensures a higher level of quality control and a far greater relationship with the client. We look at dry cleaning as a simple business. Give the client exactly what they want at a fair price and you will have that client for a very long time. We at the French Cleaners and Laundry Company understand that your clothing and linens are very important to you, in some cases are investments for the long term and need to be cared for as such. Satisfying our client’s needs will always remain our number one goal.

Website: Telephone: (617) 338-4692 538 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116