Premium alternative to ice-cream

[FōMū] is not just an alternative to traditional ice cream. It is a unique, scratchmade, plant-based ice cream that will satisfy any ice cream craving.

Even traditional ice cream lovers crave our untraditional doppelganger.  [FōMū] ice cream is made from scratch with carefully sourced and local ingredients.

Our signature ice cream starts with coconut milk, a creamy and healthy base that is plant-based and allergy-friendly. We sweeten it with organic agave and unrefined cane sugar, and add house made, high-quality ingredients in unique combinations to create an eclectic menu of flavors that change with the season.

We churn it using little air to create a creamy, gelato-like consistency. Less air means more ingredient, and a pure-tasting, silky-textured bite.

It is made in small batches to ensure every scoop is as fresh and delicious as possible. Every scoop, pint, and gallon is hand made and hand packed.

Website: Telephone: (617) 982-7955 E-Mail: 655 Tremont Street