Urban Property Management

I founded Urban Property Management almost twenty years ago after a successful contracting career. Since then, our portfolio of luxury condominiums has grown to include many of the most beautiful, prestigious residences in Boston and the suburbs.

The secret to the success of Urban Property Management is our employees and the relationships we have with our clients, our vendors and the community both locally and globally. Yes, we are a professional, state of the art, full service property management firm, but we are much more.

We realize that a condominium association isn’t about just buildings, but about people first and foremost. These are people who want their property meticulously managed with the finest care, by knowledgeable, experienced, hardworking contractors, professionals and administrators. They want costs managed, and their property value to increase. They want to know that their property is secure, clean and operating with state of the art efficiency. They want to know that the latest technology is being utilized to keep their records, their building and their investment safe and well managed. They want prompt solutions to any issue that arises whether it’s a leaky faucet or a flood.

Urban Property Management is the answer.

We provide personal, hands on, friendly service that is never obtrusive and always a good experience for the homeowner.

We consider our customers to be our family and so we provide face-to-face contact whenever possible or direct phone contact when we can’t appear in person.

Our door on Harrison Avenue in Boston’s beautiful South End is always open with a professional to give you immediate assistance.

I can be reached by email at bkasper@urbanmanagement.net or at 617 437 6755. I look forward to discussing your property management needs.

Website: http://www.urbanmanagement.net/ Telephone: (617) 437-6755 35 Fay St