Slab Media

high quality, custom designed, easy to edit websites

Slab helps you spend less time on your website so you can get back to business.

We create custom designed, self-organizing, unique websites that are extremely easy to edit and maintain. Why send an email to a web programmer with changes you need to have made, when by the time you finish describing the changes, you could just as easily have made them yourself? Adding or editing a page with our system is as simple as filling out a form, and pressing a button. It's easier than emailing your webmaster, and describing what you want done.

What you need to know about Slab:

Slab sites are custom designed:

Your Slab site is unique. We never use templates. Your brand is unique and your website should be as well.

Slab builds websites, not modified blogs:

Each page has a home, and a place in the navigation. Your visitors can find the content they are looking for easily without scrolling forever.

Slab sites put you back in control:

Update all content on your site easily from anywhere using any modern browser.

Custom responsive options:

Your site works on all mobile devices, and you can choose whether you want a different layout for each device, or you want to keep the same look.

Slab sites allow for superior Search Engine Optimization:

The hierarchical structure of your Slab site gets you great SEO.

Slab is modular, flexible & expandable:

Start small and expand your site as needed. A wide range of functionality is possible with Slab, including custom user access & eCommerce.

Slab uses a front-end editing interface:

Edit the page you are looking at. No need to memorize a new back-end navigation to edit your content.

Expert assistance:

We know what we are doing. Friendly people take your call or answer your email if you need help.

Website: Telephone: 617-566-3433 535 Albany Street Suite 2A