Meet the SEBA Members

SEBA members represent Arts and Theatre, Food, Restaurants & Catering, Health Wellness & Beauty, Hotels & Inns, Legal Finance and Insurance, Neighborhood Services, Non-Profit Organizations, Media & Design Services, Real Estate, and Retail.

Founded in 1978 SEBA uses the power of collaboration to support, strengthen and unify South End businesses, artists, and non-profit organizations while celebrating and promoting our neighborhood's rich diversity and history. We aim to maximize the visibility and success of all businesses who participate.

SEBA seeks to expand the economic vitality of the South End through cross-marketing, resource-sharing and business growth while fostering a flow of communication among businesses, residents and the City of Boston. SEBA serves as a hub for information and participation in for-profit and non-profit South End-related activities, and promote the neighborhood as a unique destination, through our website, social media and other means.

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